Dear valued customers,

The last months and years have changed a lot - witihin china and the rest of the world. The pandemic has made shipping from china a risky undertaking. Not only have shipping costs risen to all time highs but it also is slower and more unreliable. More and more chinese brands want to sell their products by themselves and prohibit us to list them in our shop. The let the authorities confiscate parcels if their products are discovered. Regulations within china and also worldwide have changed so much we see no other choice as to stop doing business with consumers and only service resellers in the future.

Thanks for understanding and all the best!

The CECT Shop Staff

CECT-Shop: German Quality from China since 2006!

Chinese mobile phones – The best value for money!

Smartphones and tablets have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Everyone has one of these mobile devices manufactured in China. You, as a consumer, have to pay a heavy premium for the design and marketing of big international manufacturers. Advertisements, billions of dollars in profits, and brick and mortar shops are financed by consumers. This is not true with us!

Chinese mobile phones are the smart choice!

Are you looking for a smartphone that offers great value for money? Then a Chinese mobile phone is exactly the right thing for you! China has a huge market of mobile phone manufacturers, some of which are completely unknown in the rest of the world. A market with many suppliers is known for a lot of competition and low prices. So our Chinese mobile phones are sold in Europe and the rest of the world at great prices. Chinese phones are not inferior to the mobile phones of Apple, Samsung, Sony & Co., In fact, the opposite is already true. In most cases Chinese mobile phones already have all modern features and even contain more advanced technologies that you will not find in long-established and well-known companies - and all at a fraction of the price. Local manufacturers like Huawei, Oppo, Meizu, Xiaomi, Smartisan, Vivo, OnePlus and Nubia don't have to hide behind market leaders anymore when it comes to design, materials and workmanship.

More than 75,000 satisfied customers can't be wrong!

No contract, no SIM Lock, no problem! Chinese Smartphones from CECT-Shop

There is no catch when it comes to the prices of Chinese smartphones at CECT-Shop: Our mobile phones from China are always delivered without SIM locks or contracts. Our multinational team has established good channels in wholesale markets and manufacturers in China since 2006. Thus we are able to procure, at short notice, devices or other goods, which are not posted on our online shop. We are also able to sell in bulk to resellers. An email to is all it takes.

When you order a mobile phone from China at CECT-Shop:

After your order is placed you can pay for your Chinese Smartphone comfortably, quickly and securely through Paypal, Online Bank Transfer through Klarna, or SEPA bank transfer. We deliver the goods within a few days directly to Europe, the US and pretty much any country in the world. Before your mobile phone from China leaves our premises, it is personally checked by us. In this way you can be assured that your device will be flawless. We document these tests for you on the enclosed checklist too. We hope you enjoy your new smartphone or tablet from China.

We also include a free and compatible adapter for your home country with every device if necessary. For ideal protection of your device we also offer appropriate accessories such as covers, cases and tempered glass at favorable prices.

Latest info:

You can reach our customer support (German / English) at 24/7 - we will reply as soon as possible!

We offer a 12-month-warranty on all devices purchased from us!

Express shipping option available with DHL Worldwide.

All shipments with tracking number can tracked approx. 1-2 days after dispatch at

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During peak seasons like Christmas or Chinese New Year deliveries may be delayed. Please read our announcements and place your order in time.

Order from us without worries: adapters and cables are automatically included free of charge!

Attention: All our products are shipped directly from China to ensure the lowest prices for you. However, goods are subject to VAT levied in your home country. In the UK, the rate of VAT is 20%, in Australia GST is 10%, and in the USA sales taxes are between 0% and 11.25%. Usually, these costs amount to approx. 15-35 Euro depending on the device.

If you choose Europe Priority Line option there are no additional import costs!

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