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due to the upcoming New Year celebrations on Dec 31 and the preparations soon to follow, travel activities of several hundred million workers and celebrations of the Chinese New Year, there are considerable restrictions on the availability of goods and the execution of shipments.

The fact that ports and factories are also closed for weeks for quarantine reasons makes the situation even more unpredictable. We cannot guarantee the correct processing of orders, which is why we will be on holiday from now until Feb 14, 2022 (i.e. after Chinese New Year) and will not accept any orders during this time.

We will contact you after Chinese New Year and wish you a happy and hopefully healthy 2022!
Xin Nian Kuai Le & Happy Chinese New Year!

Rugged Phones

Rugged smartphones are characterized by a particularly high resistance and are usually not only shock- and break-proof, but also waterproof. These mobile phones you will take to the mountains for a hike, to camp or if you work on a construction site. Compared to normal Chinese mobile phones, the robust outdoor devices are heavier and bulkier to withstand extreme conditions.

If the display glass of most ultra-thin high-end smartphones shatters after a drop from a low height, you don't need to be afraid with a rugged phone. The mobile devices are built and designed for extreme cases and still work even at very high or low temperatures, under water or in dusty and sandy conditions. Thanks to IP rating, the adventure smartphones are not only protected against water penetration, but also against dust particles and other foreign bodies.

These tough mobile phones do not need to hide from mid-range or even high-end smartphones. Devices from Doogee, Blackview, AGM, Oukitel or Conquest have dual SIM slots, huge batteries and high-resolution displays. Fingerprint sensors as well as unlocking via face recognition are now standard features too. Even features such as NFC, Qi Wireless Charging, walkie-talkie support or a built-in barometer can be found on board of high-quality rugged smart phones protected by rubber bumpers.

Here are the best robust rugged mobile phones and smartphones at a glance: