Dear valued customers,

The last months and years have changed a lot - witihin china and the rest of the world. The pandemic has made shipping from china a risky undertaking. Not only have shipping costs risen to all time highs but it also is slower and more unreliable. More and more chinese brands want to sell their products by themselves and prohibit us to list them in our shop. The let the authorities confiscate parcels if their products are discovered. Regulations within china and also worldwide have changed so much we see no other choice as to stop doing business with consumers and only service resellers in the future.

Thanks for understanding and all the best!

The CECT Shop Staff

Import, Delivery Times & Shipping Costs

I) Shipping Methods

The following shipping options are currently available:


1. DHL Worldwide (Expedited Shipping)

Shipping time is generally 3-7 working days. Before and during public holidays, such as Christmas and major Chinese holidays, or during online sales events like Singles Day (11.11.) please allow additional time for delivery of up to 10-15 working days.

Shipping cost with DHL Worldwide is usually 9.90 Euro and varies according to shipping weight and size of the parcel. The exact shipping cost will be shown during the order process. For bulk orders please contact us for special conditions and exact shipping costs at

DHL shipments can be tracked online directly at The first update of the shipment status takes place after your shipment arrives at the DHL Central Asia Hub at Hong Kong Airport.

When selecting the insured and fast shipping option DHL Worldwide, it should also be noted that there are no customs duties for the import of smartphones and tablets, e.g. into the European Union. However, in addition to the shipping costs, there is always the import sales tax (e.g. UK 20%, Ireland 23%, Australia 10%, New Zealand 15%, USA 0-11.25%, Canada 6%) you need to pay. The import sales tax (VAT) is calculated from the declared value (purchase price + shipping costs) and is usually paid directly upon delivery to the DHL parcel carrier. The import costs will not be reimbursed by CECT-Shop. However, we are happy to help you with the most cost-effective declaration value before shipping, unless otherwise requested. For mobile phones and smartphones, the VAT is about 15-35 Euro (depending on device and order value), for Tablet PCs about 20-40 Euro (depending on device and order value). Please note that the amounts mentioned are only for reference and may be higher. In addition, CECT-Shop has no possibility to influence the calculation of VAT.

DHL has been charging an additional fee (capital provision commission) since 11.06.2014. This fee does not apply to Airmail and Europe Priority Line shipments. The capital provision commission amounts to 2% (at least 12.50 Euro + VAT) and is paid together with the import sales tax directly to the DHL parcel carrier. Further information on how to avoid the capital provision commission can be found at II) Further shipping information.

For shipments to certain regions, so-called Remote Areas, in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain or France, special charges apply. In this case, you will be shown the relevant shipping information directly during order process after entering your postcode. The shipping surcharge is 25.00 Euro. Further information can be found on the DHL website.


2. Registered Airmail with tracking number

The shipping time by Airmail is usually about 2-4 weeks, depending on the destination country. You will always receive your personal tracking number within one to two working days after dispatch by separate shipping confirmation email from us. Orders from our Hong Kong warehouse are processed with different shipping companies, depending on the recipient country. The shipping time is usually about 15-20 working days, but can also take up to six weeks in exceptional cases. We recommend the low cost Airmail shipping option for accessory orders.

The shipments can be tracked at

Shipping costs start from 4.90 Euro based on weight and size.


3. Europe Priority Line

This shipping option offers you a cost-effective alternative to DHL Worldwide for less time-critical shipments. When you select Europe Priority Line shipping option you enjoy the advantage of having no additional customs costs and import sales tax to pay upon delivery. Shipping takes approximately 6-18 business days, depending on the country of destination.

It usually takes about one to three days until the first update of the shipment status. The parcels are shipped directly from Shenzhen to Europe and then forwarded to the respective recipient country for delivery. Please note that in some cases the tracking number may change again after arrival in transit and for this reason the shipping status might not be updated for a short period of time before further dispatch to country of delivery has been initiated. In this case you will receive further information from us by e-mail.

You can track your parcel online at

Europe Priority Line shipments are possible to the following countries: Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden.

Unfortunately, orders from the Hong Kong warehouse cannot be shipped using this shipping method.

The shipping costs with Europe Priority Line are usually 14.90 Euro and depend on the product weight (will be shown during order process).


ΙΙ) Further Shipping Information (capital provision commission, shipping regulations, etc.)

1. Special conditions for resellers and bulk orders
For orders of larger quantities please contact us directly by e-mail for special conditions and exact shipping costs at

2. How to avoid DHL capital provision commission
Anyone who orders more often from us at as business customer or wholesaler (B2B, B2C) wants enjoy the benefits of DHL to save the capital provision commission and faster customs clearance.

  • Call DHL Express Customer Service in your country and apply for a DHL Business Account
  • You will then receive an e-mail from DHL Express with the application form. Enter your bank details and send the signed form by fax or post back to the specified address.
  • You will receive a SEPA basic direct debit mandate by post within 1 week. Fill it and send it by post with the enclosed return envelope.
  • Done! From now on the import sales tax (VAT) will be debited directly from your specified bank account and the capital provision commission will no longer be due.

3. Safety Instructions
Due to tightened security measurements and transportation regulations for shipping single batteries, individual rechargeable batteries and power banks it is no longer possible to ship those products until further notice. In addition, DHL Worldwide there's a restriction of two batteries per parcel. In this case, please note that the DHL capital provision commission must be paid per parcel.


III) Track & Trace

You will receive your personal tracking number for each order shipped via DHL, Airmail or Europe Priority Line within 1-2 working days after dispatch by separate shipping confirmation email. This tracking number allows you to track your delivery online.

Track your DHL shipment online at

All other parcels can be directly tracked on the English language website


IV) Delivery Conditions

1. All orders will be shipped to the delivery address you specify when you place your order. After shipping this address cannot be changed.

2. Please ensure that you or a family member are at home on the day of delivery to receive the goods.

3. In the event that you are not at home when delivery is attempted, DHL will make further attempts to deliver the package to you or deposit it in a safe place for your collection.

4. If all delivery attempts prove unsuccessful, DHL/airmail shipping companies will normally return the package. In this case, you will not be entitled to any compensation. Should the item(s) be successfully returned to CECT-SHOP, we will gladly send the items again following payment of shipping costs.

If you have not received your goods within 6-8 working days of receiving your tracking number, please contact DHL or your local post office in your home country for further information. You will need your tracking number. Local contact telephone numbers are listed on your domestic DHL and Post website.


V) Customs Clearance

In individual cases it may happen that after your goods have arrived in your home country, the DHL/airmail tracking website may display the status of your goods as “clearance delay”, “on hold” or “clearance event”.

In this case, it is necessary to send proof of your PayPal payment to the DHL or your home countries customs department. You should contact DHL/local post in your home country to confirm the exact procedure, but in general you should:

  1. Forward the email that you received from PayPal after payment to DHL/customs in your home country
  2. In the subject line, enter your 10-digit tracking number and the text “proof of payment”, eg “1234567890 – proof of payment”
  3. A sample text for the cover email to DHL/customs may be as follows:

    Dear Sirs,

    Enclosed please find proof of payment for the shipment with
    tracking number XXXXXXXXXX (your tracking number).
    A customs number is not available because it is a private import.
    Please declare and deliver the goods as soon as possible.

    Best regards,
    - Your name -
    - Your contact details -